Our Results

Sourced and closed a $20 million transformational gift for humanitarian action.
Developed and implemented a strategic philanthropic initiative to support human development of an indigenous community.
Developed a comprehensive, strategic philanthropy plan for a major global environmental initiative.
Developed an international health project for two pediatric hospitals in Central Asia, after performing an exploratory assessment and returning later this year for a comprehensive equipment review; this project has brought together public governmental agencies and multiple NGO implementers to define a technical solution and implement a multi-year improvement plan.
Established governance structures, formulated gift acceptance policies, delivered trainings, and executed board development and recruitment efforts with multiple nonprofit teams.
Managed the campaign of an official candidate for United Nations Secretary-General, helping to coordinate high-level thought-leadership discussions and panels throughout the United States.
Served in an advisory role to numerous philanthropists and philanthropies.
Recruited high level global philanthropists and others to join boards, advisory councils, and other groups in leadership roles.

Strategy. Execution. Impact.

We live at an uncertain time. More people are being lifted out of poverty than ever before, yet inequality is rising. Globalization and global movements of people have fostered innovation, but there are more social tensions than ever. Technological advancement is improving our quality life, while also raising difficult questions about the sustainability of our economic system. All the while, environmental stress increases the chance of natural catastrophes and outbreaks of conflict.

These global trends were the impetus for PASS. PASS is a strategic consultancy partnering with a variety of stakeholders around the world to reach shared global goals. We aim to achieve lasting social value at this uncertain time in human history—and ultimately pass into a better future, together.



Poverty. Energy. Environment. Inequality. We know the most fundamental, pressing issues of our time. This is what we focus our — and our clients’ — efforts on addressing.


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We don’t just deliver narrow technical solutions; we bring our partners to the "next level." Ideally, our clients are ready to (re)evaluate their strategy—want to make themselves more effective, more relevant, or both--ready to reach the "next stage" of whatever they are.