Biza Barzo is a political analyst, humanitarian activist holding an academic background in international studies and politics. She is currently working as one of the youngest and few female political advisers of the Kurdistan Regional Government, holding eight years of professional experience in working in her field of work. Aside from political activism, she has specialized in the empowerment of the civil society by lecturing the locals about leadership and capacity building. She is the Founder of Ali Hazhar Foundation. As the co-founder of the Kurdistan Regional Youth Council and the Hewler Cancer Support Center she contributes to enhancing the lives of youth and cancer patients. As a former Curator of the Global Shapers Erbil Hub, Ms. Barzo worked to empower youth to mobilize and become catalysts of impact in the Region. She has had a great impact on people on many levels, by running non-for-profit-organizations, giving lectures, training, and workshops in large parts of Iraqi Kurdistan. On the humanitarian level, aside from working with a number of international organizations, Ms. Barzo is driving her own initiatives and has to date continuously worked as a trusted channel of goods and supply delivery point on the ground aiding refugees and the military with goods and medicine donated from the international community.  Empowerment of youth has been a priority area during her work. To bridge her humanitarian values with influencing constructive policymaking, Ms. Barzo has worked as a political researcher and analyst for many governmental and non-governmental entities in and outside the region among them think tanks in the US and the government in Sweden, and lately the Kurdistan Regional Government, focusing mainly on policy analyses of the region’s socio-political developments. Her researches have on been turned into policy suggestions for implementation and more often featured on global media outlets.