Healthcare Research and Evaluation

Health services are only improved when they are evaluated in the context of the entire health system. PASS evaluates your programs and services in the context of its environment and current health management procedures. Our assessment offers a technical view of your needs, programs, or services and provides applicable strategies for addressing them. PASS evaluates how every level of healthcare contributes to the overall system and how managerial and strategic practices can improve its outcomes.

Operational Support

Structural problems in the health system occur when there is a lack of proper protocols. Successful health programs require a strict level of discipline and structures to maintain health services optimally. Whether a service needs to comply with international standards or a program needs management support, PASS provides remote health management support. By providing strategic solutions or managing an entire program, PASS provides technical know-how to improve health services.

Program Development

Every health service demands a different approach. The complexity of the healthcare system can often misrepresent the reality of support structures, and health programs can often be affected. PASS uses integrated management standards, employee training, and recognized quality controls to develop health programs that maximize impact. PASS develops health management standards, protocols, medical supply chains, proposals, strategic plans, and global initiatives based on effective approaches to healthcare delivery.

Training and Workshops

Public Health is a collective feat, and everyone in the healthcare system should be able to contribute to it. PASS provides training and workshops to clients to strengthen their teams and enhance service delivery. Public health training is essential to implement new strategies and to develop networks of people invested in the delivery of health services.

Contact Us for a free consultation by phone or in-person. With any signed contract, we include a complimentary, free, all-day training workshop for your fundraising staff.