Elizabeth Carlo is a founder and Managing Director of Noah Consultancy Ltd currently based in Rotterdam the Netherlands. As a development professional, she has over ten years’ experience in International Development, Governance, Democracy, Human rights development and Diplomacy in the United States, South Sudan and Europe with special focus on promoting sustainable economic and social development of vulnerable communities including institutional development.

At NOAH Consultancy Ltd, her success has been anchored on fundraising efforts for conflict prone areas, extensive work on program development, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Specifically, having worked in challenging and post conflict areas like The Republic of South Sudan; she has been able to interact with diverse stakeholders, national institutions, donors, governments and non-governmental organizations, private foundations and local communities. she has built  expertise  to enable Noah Consultancy provide advisory services and link actors whose activities are particularly focused on Africa, particularly donor agencies, think tanks, policymakers, business organizations and entrepreneurs working to develop and implement sustainable strategies in Healthcare, Food Security, Affordable Housing, Energy, Oil & Gas and Economic Sectors. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from Marymount University, Arlington, VA