Resource Mobilization

Board Development

Board development and recruitment are critical components of organizational well-being. An appropriately engaged and aligned board has an important business function and plays a critical proactive—rather than reactive—role in executing and delivering on stated objectives. PASS greatly enhances an organization’s level of success by deploying a strategic and ongoing recruitment function, while also working with the current Board to maximize their service.

Results: PASS brought in two new board members—each with the capacity to give transformational gifts to an organization—to the board of Relief International


In the absence of adopted policies and procedures, an organization is likely to operate under a set of assumptions that may not be accurate and productive. Financial policies and procedures are among the most critical policies an organization must have to meet its fiduciary responsibilities. PASS assesses an organization and helps to identify potential weaknesses in governance. Once identified, PASS can work with your organization to create and approve policies to meet your need.

Results: PASS updated United Muslim Relief’s gift acceptance policy and associated documents

Strategic Fundraising Assessment and Planning

A fundraising assessment forces a nonprofit to look internally at what needs to be done to make a fundraising operation more effective and efficient. PASS evaluates the effectiveness of development programs and makes prudent recommendations. Our assessment provides viable recommendations on program implementation, case for support, solicitation and stewardship strategies, staffing, communications, and more. A fundraising assessment can challenge you to see beyond your nonprofit’s walls to determine what opportunities are open for new funding and how to capitalize on your strengths.

Results: PASS is in the planning and assessment stages of a campaign on behalf of the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in Nicaragua

Resource Mobilization Consulting

A solid resource mobilization program begins with a vision. It also includes clearly defined expectations that have an achievable and workable plan that is regularly evaluated and adjusted. PASS develops comprehensive strategic resource mobilization plans based on individual organizational culture, as well as the goals, objectives, and budgetary considerations of the organization.

Principal & Transformational Major Gifts

Significant philanthropy is becoming more prevalent, more visible, more organized, and more global. PASS offers expertise in developing transformational major gifts on a global scale. By leveraging organizational competencies, leadership, and passion, PASS develops this critically important income stream

Results: PASS and closed a $20 million transformational gift for a leading international development agency

Annual Giving

A strong Annual Giving program is critical to any fundraising operation. PASS approaches Annual Giving holistically. We draw on our expertise to consider how a successful annual giving fits within the overall fundraising strategy of an organization. We work with you to assess your annual giving as a whole, or a particular area of concern within the program, through a deep dive reviewing materials, annual giving data, and stakeholders.

Organizational Development

As organizations and grow and change, the fundraising mission and practices have to change in concert. A solid fundraising operation should be operating on best practices and have planned development paths which reinforce organizational strategies, structures, and processes. PASS works with organizations to improve effectiveness, implement strategic planned change, and use fundraising to support overall the mission, vision, and strategy of an organization. We work together to gather data, define the issues, determine a suitable course of action, and engage in change management with the organization to implement any proposed actions.

Relationship Building

Nonprofits no longer have the luxury of going it alone. With an increasing number of nonprofits working to raise funds from a donor pool, it frequently becomes necessary to partner with others to achieve programmatic and strategic goals. PASS works with organizations to identify potential partners with whom programmatic synergies can create new opportunities or better efficiency in program delivery for both organizations.


Family Foundation or Fund Establishment

Forming a family foundation or donor-advised fund can be an important step in creating a philanthropic legacy. It allows you and your family to work together in philanthropy and enhance the direction and quality of life throughout the world in accordance with your vision and values. PASS does not provide legal services or advice, but rather, we work with you and your legal or financial adviser in creating the right model to achieve your philanthropic goals.

Management Services

Running a foundation can be taxing on an individual, and PASS’s management and administrative services encompass a broad range, including general office administration and support; grants management and administration; strategic, business, and long-range planning; and compliance.

Planning & Execution

At the core, a strategic philanthropist is someone who follows a long-term strategic giving plan. This plan includes goals for charitable impact as well as a budget, investment strategy, and appropriate time-horizon that will allow the individual to meet both current and long-term giving objectives. PASS works with our clients to help them define their strategic vision by defining charitable success; fitting philanthropy into their overall financial goals; determining who should be involved; what charitable tools are best; and how to evaluate and monitor grantees.

Impact Evaluation

Smart philanthropists value the impact their contributions make towards their goals, but the effect is not always direct or immediate, and it may be difficult to determine based on the data provided by a nonprofit. PASS works with philanthropists to create a series of benchmark Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which can be used to measure the strategic impact of their giving. Additionally, PASS can work as an intermediary with non-profits to help gather the necessary data and details to help build continued giving.


As non-profits no longer have the luxury of going it alone, philanthropists, too, can also use partnerships to better achieve results. The global problems for whom many philanthropists work to alleviate with their philanthropy is in many ways too large for any one person or family. Frequently it becomes necessary to partner with other philanthropists to achieve programmatic and strategic goals. PASS works with philanthropists to identify potential partners with whom strategic synergies can create new opportunities or better efficiency in leveraging philanthropy to address challenges around the world.

Board Placement

For causes and organizations a philanthropist is passionate about, financial support may not be sufficient to achieve your philanthropic goals. PASS can work with you to create your Board profile and to help identify and evaluate potential organizations you may wish to join as a Director or Adviser. Our expertise and networks can help find the right fit, both philosophically and strategically, to your long-term strategic goals.

Results: PASS has helped develop a board affairs strategy and engaged a slate of new, high level board members for a leading international NGO

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