PASS is a consulting company dedicated to producing major social impact in difficult situations. We deliver significant expertise in change-management, humanitarian frameworks, and strategic management services. Our community is dedicated to six major practice areas:

Transformative Philanthropy A framework that enhances impact through best practices, governance, and partnerships through a strategic planning process.
Programmatic Consulting A flexible framework to enhance the impact on health, education, communications and many more. It provides an independent process to support and transform programs.
Healthy Communities Lab An incubator aimed at optimizing implementation and impact by developing community-centered solutions to public health challenges.
Strategic Business Management Business management and representation services for companies and ventures. Its provides a wide range of business and logistical services.
Government and Corporate Relations A service line of strategic support for companies and governments. It provides representation in public policy, partnerships, and strategic frameworks.
Sustainable Humanitarian Financing A service line dedicated on finding alternative mechanisms for humanitarian financing to solve the world’s greatest challenges.


Service Areas

  • Change-Management
  • Humanitarian Strategy
  • Transformative Philanthropy
  • Strategy and Governance
  • Strategic management services
  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Design and Implementation
  • Program and Implementation Monitoring
  • Public and Global Health
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Government and Corporate Affairs
  • Business Strategy and Governance
  • Communications Strategic Design
  • Leadership Building


  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Consulting Support
  • Team Deployment
  • On-Site and Remote Management
  • Agent Representation
  • Program/Organization Incubation
  • Prime and Subprime Partnerships
  • Independent Evaluation & Reporting
  • Public Sector Engagement
  • Public Policy
  • Coaching and Training
  • Due Diligence


Global Humanitarian and Development Organizations Build a strategy that can help build stronger communities and engaged local actors. Use this framework to develop humanitarian programs that can be led by local actors.
Implementers & Private Philanthropies Strengthen your organization with proven methods for prevention, management, risk mitigation, best-practices, and community leadership.
Governments & Intergovernmental Organizations Develop structured approaches to community engagement for major public initiatives such as health campaign, emergency preparedness, and resilience.


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