Our Approach


Poverty. Energy. Environment. Inequality. We know the most fundamental, pressing issues of our time. This is what we focus our — and our clients’ — efforts on addressing.


We partner with clients who want to address directly the most urgent problems of our time. Whether eradicating tropical diseases, dramatically reducing greenhouse gas, or alleviating hunger for millions, our clients are leaders and changemakers who aim to create large-scale, sustainable, positive social impact.


We connect our clients with philanthropists and other funders who share a commitment to game-changing social interventions. With our deep, extensive, and well-resourced global network, PASS aims to be a nexus for transformational leaders, changemakers, social entrepreneurs, and strategic thinkers in the U.S. and worldwide.


To address major problems, major responses and investments are needed. This is why PASS has a sharp focus on principal gifts and transformational giving — which have the potential to fundamentally transform organizations, and the communities they serve.

Strategic and Practical.

At PASS we believe firmly that organizations need a vision and long-term strategy to operate effectively and fulfill their mission. However, we believe equally firmly that a solid strategy is nothing without the know-how to execute it. This is why the PASS team and leadership contains diverse skillsets from development, fundraising, finance, management, and business  — so that we can advise our partners on how to most effectively and efficiently actualize their strategic plan.


The urgent issues facing our world are not limited to one sector, and neither is PASS. PASS works with philanthropists and practitioners from both operating and grantmaking organizations. We generate social impact through synergies between for-profit and non-profit sectors and among a variety of actors in the social sector.


Neither are today’s most urgent issues confined by national borders. PASS’s partners are global actors tackling major problems on an international scale, and the PASS team has extensive experience to consult in a variety of domestic, international, and transnational operating environments.