“The PASS team is very personable, knowledgeable, gracious and flexible. As a result of working with PASS, I've made many smart and inspiring connections in the nonprofit world. One of them has become a vital leader of our international team. Our organization is vastly improved as a result of this introduction and guidance from PASS. I would recommend working with PASS for anyone looking to improve and grow their organization, needing new talent, new resources, funding, or restructuring.”

—Julia Guth, Founder & Executive Director, Roberto Clemente Health Clinic

“PASS surprised us. First with the depth of their knowledge in the exact areas of work that we engage in: education and public health. Second, they immediately began assisting us with a case for support that will lead to a sustainable fundraising program. Third, they are experts in nonprofit governance. PASS is a first-class organization that truly cares about their clients success. As such any nonprofit leader or board would be well-served by retaining them in the pursuit of their goals.”

—Mike Safely, Founder & Executive Director, Quechua Benefit

“What PASS has done in the past year is invaluable. I originally reached out to PASS to help us develop and coordinate a public health project in Bishkek. It would be a complex task involving many actors. PASS listened to our idea, worked with us to create a framework, and gave it a name, Helping Hospitals Heal Children. They traveled to Bishkek with us, did original research, networked with local and international organizations, and brought on important strategic collaborators. Now, we are sending medical supplies to two public hospitals and planning a fundraising campaign to achieve a bigger impact. We couldn't have done it without PASS's adaptability, insights, network, and good humor!”

—Ambassador Kadyr Toktogulov, Kyrgyz Republic's                                                                Ambassador to the United States & Canada