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Spotlight on Public Health

"One important aspect of public health is the preparedness for emergency outbreaks of disease, which can happen anywhere at any time. Certainly, the recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is a devastating reminder. An often overlooked, but globally important set of communicable diseases are Neglected Tropical Diseases. By 2030, the SDG goal is to end the those epidemics, which saw one billion people or one-sixth of the world's population, seeking treatment in 2015."

Protecting Sumatra’s Largest Rainforest

"Gunung Leuser National Park is the largest intact rainforest in Sumatra. The forest has one of the most diverse ecologies in the southern hemisphere. It is home to four of the world’s most endangered species of animals—the Sumatran tiger, Sumatran rhinoceros, Sumatran elephant, and Sumatran orangutan—and provides a substantial amount of oxygen."