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South Sudan: One People, One Country

South Sudan will become a more resilient place once you educate the younger generation so that they can overcome the tribal thinking. Help them overcome the urge to first help their own relatives. It’s good to help your relatives, but also help those who are not related to you. If you bring education and educate these young generations–they will think positively, they will think critically, they will think globally.

The Future of Development is Agile

Innovation is very key. The rate of change is so fast, and innovation is very key. Now, with innovation comes a level of disruption. It’s almost creating some level of chaos. As practitioners of projects and project management, we’ve got to understand that things are going to be chaotic, and we need to adapt our structure to be able to deal with the chaos.


"Recognition can drive some of that demand from CEOs and clients, and mechanisms like that also help to create that demand and interest, but also guide the specifics to make sure that those buildings are true to being a green building."