Focus on the Relationship Between Health and Development

"The thread in my career has always been the patient: finding the most meaningful ways to help the patient. The medical school I attended focused on public health. The goal wasn’t to train doctors to diagnose rare syndromes; it was to address the issues of the country and diseases that were common in the population."

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Ambassador Toktogulov on Helping Hospitals Heal Children

"As ambassador, the biggest priority is certainly to develop good, friendly relations and work to strengthen cooperation between our governments—the governments of the U.S. and the Kyrgyz Republic. That’s one part, but I thought that there’s more that I should do and I can do. I thought that one of the ways to strengthen relations between our countries would be to have a project in the humanitarian sector"

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"Micronesians come to Honolulu with the hope of a better life for their children and for themselves. They dream of a good education, adequate health care, and the possibility of finding a job. Upon arrival in Honolulu, however, Micronesians face discrimination, lack of affordable housing, a politically charged healthcare environment, and a contentious—rather than secure—place in the public education system."

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