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China’s Data-Driven Philanthropy

Since China instituted the Charity Law in 2016, charitable giving in the country has continued to grow as it opened more platforms for citizens and business leaders to participate in social responsibility. The Law also emphasizes transparency, requiring charities to report all the basic information related to their operations. An advocate of data disclosure and transparency, Tao Ze, founder and president of YISHAN, shared with VantagePoints his thoughts and experience on philanthropy in China. As a philanthropist, are there any philosophies that inform your philanthropy? Transparency, diversity, and inclusiveness are common values for human ...

Honoring Humanity Through a Lifetime of Humanitarian Service

Bruce Muir recently retired as director of the Emergency Response Division in the Welfare Services Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His duties included supporting emergency response to natural disasters and refugee crises globally. Bruce has also held numerous positions in the Church including director for temporal affairs in the Philippines and Chile Areas, and the managing director of the Translation Department.


"Donating is not as easy as cleaning out the closet. We’re trying to help in a global world now, across languages, cultures, and backgrounds—so you need to work very carefully based on a sensitive regional understanding and cultural awareness."


"The fund, which has been created by PASS, LLC in conjunction with Mr. Andrew Koval, is dedicated to improving global health in the poorest countries of the world. This mission has a particular focus on treating children with parasites, neglected tropical diseases, and pediatric and breast cancer."