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Empowerment Through the Lens

Manca Juvan, photographer, curator, photography mentor, and director at APIS Institute, sits down with VantagePoints for a conversation about her work and her journey as an artist. Manca has travelled extensively and used photography as a tool for experiencing and learning about the places she has travelled to. Above all else, Manca is a storyteller. Her most well known projects, “Guardians of the Spoon” and “Unordinary Lives”, share a new perspective on the people who lived in the Italian Fascist Camps and Afghanistan, respectively. Manca shares with us her experience working with the APIS Institute, a space for cooperation between ...

Addressing the Most Critical Factors Toward Eliminating Diseases of Poverty

Professor Bentwich, a physician, and world-renowned clinical immunologist and AIDS researcher. Since its onset, he became involved in AIDS and AIDS research and led the first AIDS center in Israel. Currently, he is Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at the Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheba, where he is also head of the Center for Tropical Diseases and AIDS (CEMTA) and its implementing arm in Africa -NALA Foundation, that is heavily involved in eradicating Neglected Tropical Diseases from Ethiopia and Africa. In the course of the last five years this activity has covered a population of over five million people and is about to expand and reach ...

Maintaining a Kurdish Vision

"Rwanga is a Kurdish word which means “vision.” The foundation has three main strategic approaches: to provide direct services; to build capacities for teachers, school or education administrations, and students; and to design policies."

Engaging Community Responses to Crisis Situations

"What worries me most is that, as time passes on, we're all spending more time concentrating on our differences than our similarities. At the end of the day, there's a lot more similarities."


"In our view, civil society is the ability of people to organize themselves, to mobilize themselves, to define their own needs, and to determine the course of their own lives. And all of our programs are intended just to support people in this activity. The challenges are connected to a certain extent to the situation in the country as a whole."


"On a daily basis, we try to see the enthusiasm with which the kids are in school: if they are happy, if they are signing up for extracurricular activities like chess, talking club, and summer camps. We track the exchange program admittances, and our kids get selected for highly competitive exchange programs."


"Finding role models was a challenge at the beginning, because using role models and one’s story to empower others is such a new concept in the region. Most of the time we at Arab Excellence focus on the end result. But in this region, we don't want to talk about our achievements or story—because it means you're showing off. We have to change this mindset because, at the end of the day, some members of the young generations end up getting inspired by the wrong role models such as criminals or terrorist guys who lead them to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS."


"We are addressing two main issues. First, in Vietnam, there's no program in the summer for college students, so mostly they just go back home. It's not like in the U.S. when you have summer school program or internships—there's nothing to do there. There aren’t even many student clubs in universities."